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I opened Sues Website Assistance after losing my position as an internet marketing Customer Service Project Coordinator with a website development company in 2008. I opened my website design business to help local small businesses brand themselves and give them a presence on the Internet. I have worked in the Indianapolis area in the Internet Marketing field since 2003, so I have seen a lot of changes. 

I was fortunate to be able to adapt to the up and coming internet marketing changes which provided me an opportunity to enhance my website design, content development, Internet Marketing and SEO skills to benefit local small businesses.  

In 2015 my husband and I relocated to the Alabama Gulf Coast area due to a job opportunity for him. With the internet, I continue to work with my Indiana clients and I am hoping to connect with local Alabama Gulf Coast Small Businesses as well.

I would appreciate the opportunity to talk to you about your internet marketing vision and to see if I can help you get there. I look forward to talking with you and answering any questions you have about how to market your small business.

Here are some samples of my work. This is a short list of very special people I have had the pleasure of working with on the development of their website design or redesigns, some I have written content, and I have my current website design and/or development and social media clients listed here as well.  If you ever have a question about what I can help you with, just ask!

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