Communicating with your Clients

It's important to keep in touch with your customers and an easy way to do that is to get up and going on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and for some it's to use an E-Newsletter program!  

We can talk about how you want to stay connected to your customers.  Notify your customers that you just started carrying a new product, that you're having an event at your store, maybe you just started selling gift certificates or just a reminder that you are having a clearance sale.  Whatever business you are in you can keep your customers informed by using your Website, Social Media or email to keep in touch!

Social Media

OK, so everyone now has a Facebook page, does Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.... I think that networking is the #1 reason businesses are successful.  I have those pages as well and often find that I am running short on time; I myself need to "commit" daily to my social media.  Here is your challenge: Log into your Media as you sit to have your coffee in the morning and maybe another right before lunch and a brief how do you do at the end of the day.  If you are spending hours in Social Media you are not productive at work!  A few minutes here and there will help keep things up to date.  

Do you have the time to spend 30 minutes a day in front of your computer updating all the social media you have?  My clients always come first so if you do NOT have the time to commit, call me.  I can keep up your Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, G+ and other Social Media that you have up dated with a brief yet informative posting about your business and what is going on.

Remember My Philosophy

A good website is never finished because you always have something going on in your business!

Email Marketing

If you generate sales through emails or market to a variety of customers then email marketing could be for you. 

Email Marketing is a great way to create multiple marketing lists and market to only those client that will benefit.


Online reviews carry more weight than you think so incorporate a request for a review into your customer service. Ask a client to go onto your Google Business Listing or your Yelp account. 

Good or Bad you want to see how your business is doing in the eyes of your customers!