Sues Website Assistance Services

Sues Website Assistance is here to assist you in website design and development, content development, rewrites, social media marketing and search engine optimization for your small business so you can have a presence on the Internet. I can provide assistance for the following services or I can take the bull by the horns and do it for you. It all comes down to me having the knowledge to know what needs to be done and you focusing on your business so you can make your business successful.

Domain Registration

Your website address, or domain, should reflect what you do in your business. Unless you already have a website address we can sit down and find a domain that is available and suitable for your business. Always remember no matter who you go with you want to own your website domain so be sure that your website domain is registered in your name. You can elect to have the person doing your website as the Technical Contact so that they receive emails when the domain name needs renewed or your Technical Contact will be able to talk to your hosting company if there are any issues with your website.

Website Hosting

I can advise you on the best hosting for your website needs and if you require continued support I have a resource that will host your website, provide programming assistance and email support on a contract basis.

Website Development

I can develop a very functional and informative website for a very reasonable fee. If you are looking for a dynamic website design I can do that too. 

Content Development

I am able to put your content together, create the navigation of your website in an efficient manner for your customers to find the information they are looking for. Creating a path of information allows your customers to navigate through your website giving them the desired result that drove them to your website to begin with.

Website Updating
Website updating can consist of changing your rates from one year to the next, adding some new services that you now provide or just changing things around a bit to give your site a new look. After the development of your website you CAN maintain your content with training; training on your website is always included in my price.


Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a way to stay in touch with your clients. SMM includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest just to name a few. I will help you create your account and either work with you on the postings or be your SMM assistant. If you are interested in reaching out to social media markets but not sure where to begin, let's talk!


Search Engine Optimization is one way to make sure your website is being found on the Internet by using the proper words and formatting.  Specific procedures are followed and website details are amended by experienced personnel. BUT please don't expect a miracle in 30-days, SEO takes time and has to be done right to get the results you are looking for. 


I work with a professional Graphic Artist who specializes in logo design and we will work together to get the Logo you desire for your business and one you would be proud to display.

Online Forms

I have the capability to create forms that you may need in your everyday business either printed or online. 

Have Questions

I am available  to answer questions about your website, social media platforms and internet marketing. 

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